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Department of Humanities (Hum.)

Department of Humanities (Hum.)


The Department of Humanities started functioning as an allied department from the beginning of this institute while it was Khulna Engineering College under Rajshahi University in 1974. This is a multidisciplinary department consisting of major branches of arts and social sciences such as English, Economic, Sociology & Government and Accounting. However, it teaches several courses in all the department of Engineering and Planning such as Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Industrial Engineering & Management, Urban and Regional Planning, Leather Engineering, Textile Engineering and Building Engineering and Construction Management and Bio-Medical Engineering. The courses are offered from 1st year to 4th year students and the contact hours and the volume of the course contents are decided by the requirement of subject of respective department. Along with the theoretical courses, a modern language laboratory is also set-up under this department to enrich the efficiency and skill of the students in English language through a course - English Language skills. The laboratory is highly equipped with modern facilities - sound system, multi-media, personal computer for each student, etc. Presently, Dr. S.M. Rabiul Alam, Professor of Accounting, is acting as the Head of the Department, Dr. Razia Khatun, Associate Professor of Economics, Munshi Tauhiduzzaman, Assistant Professor of English, Shuheli Shaila Ahmed, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Md. Shahinur Alam Sarker, Assistant Professor of English, Massrura Mostafa, Assistant Professor of English and Shahriar Roman, Lecturer of Economics.

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